BriefSkate was originally designed by a college student in order to have a place to put his books while skating from class to class. BriefSkate is unique to all other boards in that it has a built in storage compartment. It features interchangeable interiors that may be swapped out depending on the users’ current needs. Items such as; tablet computers, smart phones, wallet, keys, and any other personal accessories fit easily and safely within the BriefSkate.  

Mini 29" (Deck Only)

Hand crafted deck (board only) we unveiled at the 2013 SURF EXPO in Orlando FL

The “BriefSkate Mini V2” is our newest board. It is perfect for carving in high traffic areas. It’s mini size of 29 inches in length makes it a great board to cruise the campus and rip the garages. It has plenty of space for all your personal items and our shock resistant interior is soft enough for mini tablet computers. 

This board also sports adjustable tension latches and our custom made hinge set. 

Prepare to add utility and style to your future skateboarding sessions.


Item does not ship with Skate tool and T-Shirt. 

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